Binance to Support Georgia’s Crypto Industry Through Blockchain Education

Digital assets exchange Binance has agreed to help Georgia develop the cryptocurrency sector by launching educational and other blockchain initiatives, and the leading coin trading platform has extended its support to work with similar projects in other countries. expanding presence.


Australian government says it is working to ensure ‘regulation of crypto assets protects consumers’

Australia’s government says it will ensure and strive to “regulate cryptocurrency assets” and aims to “protect consumers,” and one of these steps will be to reform the licensing and custody of cryptocurrency assets. The government, led by Anthony Norman Albany, also says it has released a consultation paper that “adequately regulates those elements in the crypto asset ecosystem that require greater attention”. Government reinforces that it is taking care of each and every element in the crypto ecosystem while ensuring the same while enabling the stakeholders to focus on regulatory gaps and identify risks.

Filecoin Creator Protocol Labs Announces Layoffs Amid Crypto Winter And Economic Recession

Protocol Labs CEO Juan Bennett announced in a blog post on Friday that 21 percent of employees would be laid off or dismissed from the company. Protocol Labs is the creator of the blockchain network Filecoin and with this the CEO stresses that the world is facing an extremely challenging environment especially in the crypto industry with the ongoing economic slowdown.

NFT market remains resilient with 1.23% growth in sales, Ethereum dominates with 81% of total NFT disposals

In terms of sales, the non-fungible token (NFT), which had a slight lull last week, saw a record sales increase of 1.23% to $232.49 million. The top two best NFT collections, Other Dead and Doodle, registered a growth of 44% to 58% over the previous week, with Ethereum continuing to dominate the industry, which means it continues to reach and account for 10% of total sales last week. Over 81% took place with $188.51 million in NFT sales.

Meme Coin Economy Grows To $5.8 Billion In Less Than A Month, Demand For Meme Tokens Still High

The meme coin economy has grown significantly in the last 27 days against the US Dollar, which is up 34.52% against the US Dollar, while Dogecoin, the largest meme coin by market capitalization, is up 29.5% in the last month. And the second largest coin, Shiba Inu, has jumped 71.9% in 30 days. The total value of the economy has increased by 8 billion dollars since 9 January 2023.

Robert Kiyosaki Says He Likes Bitcoin – Calling BTC ‘The People’s Money’

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, says that he likes and appreciates bitcoin steadily, calling the cryptocurrency “the people’s money”. He admits that he doesn’t know much about bitcoin but adds that I’m glad I bought it at 6:00. Further the author of the book says that I call it people’s money and I don’t know much about bitcoin but I’m glad I bought it and that’s all I know now. Certainly, this statement by Robert Kiyosaki clearly shows that he is very confident about bitcoin and at the same time he is supporting it in a significant way.

JP Morgan: 72% of institutional traders surveyed ‘have no plans to trade crypto’

According to a latest survey by JP Morgan Chase, 72 percent of traders do not have a stable plan to trade cryptocurrencies and they do not have any planning with it. Institutional traders also expect that “the risk of recession will have a big impact on the markets in 2023 and will affect them as well”. Elaborating further, he says that 72% of the traders surveyed have no plans to trade in cryptocurrencies or any digital coin and 14% predict that they are not currently trading but Creating a business plan within 5 years. 8% are currently doing business and 6% are not in business but planning to do business within 1 year. JP Morgan pointed out that for those traders who predicted ‘inflation’ to impact the market, we asked them “What is your view on the impact of inflation when pricing for 2023?” 44% of businessmen predicted a reduction in inflation.

Market Strategist Predicts Gold To Be Top Performer Among Cryptocurrencies And Equities In 2023

Gareth Soloway, president and chief market strategist at, predicts that gold will outperform cryptocurrencies and equities in 2023. In an interview on Thursday, he emphasized that this year we can definitely say that “gold will be the best performer” and also said that the US Federal Reserve will not cut interest rates until Unless there is a “widespread bad recession” and work works say I dare say that without money printing by the Federal Reserve, bitcoin is headed for twelve to thirteen thousand, and maybe Could be as low as $9,000.

Meme Coin Economy Grows To $5.8 Billion In Less Than A Month, Demand For Meme Tokens Still High

Meme Coin economy has gained significantly over the last 27 days with a gain of 34.52% against the US Dollar. If we look at the market capitalization, the largest meme coin, Dogecoin, has gained significantly or more specifically 29.5% in the last month, while the second largest coin we know, Shiba Inu, is up 71.9% in 30 days. % has jumped. If we look at January 9, 2023, the total value of these tokens in the economy has increased by $5.8 billion.


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