Samsung is building its own metaverse hardware in partnership with Google and Qualcomm

Samsung, the famous Korean company and mobile service provider, reveals that it will soon turn to the latest technology in a significant way and restore its services and will soon include Metaverse and VR (Virtual Reality) handsets in the market. The company has announced that it is already working on its expanded capacity, hinting at production of virtual reality handsets. TM Roh, head of Samsung’s mobile experience business, confirmed that it is working on such a device but did not offer a loan window for hardware, but listed Qualcomm, the fabless chip maker, and Google as partners. reported to be involved. On February 1, he told his Washington Post that many different companies have been making these announcements in different ways, so we are making such preparations right now and we are no less than anyone who wants to adopt technology. She then goes on to explain that Samsung delayed securing its market share, stating that the market was not yet ready and that other similar devices launched by competitors had not achieved the expected success. More Virtual Reality Devices Samsung joins the line of manufacturers that have already launched devices like Meta and HTC and are definitely planning to do so in the near future and one of them is Apple. . Ro said the new Samsung device will be powered by a Qualcomm chip specially designed to perform better in virtual reality and will use the Google-powered OS. Samsung’s determination to jump into an overcrowded market is commendable and could be the answer to removing some of the extra detail from traditional smartphones, and another phone tech company, Nokia, predicted that this In the second half of the decade, the metaverse technology known as the latest technology will certainly replace the smartphone.
While in opposition, Ro believes that this new family of devices represents no threat to what today’s smartphones have to offer and that it in no way replaces them and that we focus on smartphone features and consumer needs. Will continue to build on it and strive to provide even better experiences that will surely prove beneficial to users.
For Roh, the metaverse and smartphone may converge to complement and specifically expand his experience. With this, there does not seem to be anything new about Samsung’s involvement, which shows the attitude towards the latest technologies. This is because the company has worked on similar projects in the past and also we can definitely say that the company has worked on similar projects in the past as well.


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