Where billions have been spent on deal and sponsorship investments by FTX and Alameda Research over the past 2 years and at the end of January 2022 investors such as SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Tiger Global, Temasek, Paradigm and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board Which 400 million dollars raised which then FTX seemed huge and after the Series C raise we can say that it was valued at $32 billion whereas according to SBF former CEO of FTX his firm aimed to increase the global reach in which November FTX and SBF blew up after all the disclosures involving Alameda’s balance sheet during the first week of 2016 and since then FTX’s parent firm West Realm Shire Services, Alameda Research, and about 130 companies have filed for bankruptcy. And on week 6 December 2022 all the documents were released which were about 500 documents and all of them were of investment and were about 5. 4 billion-dollar. Here we learn that The Block’s VP of research, Larry Cermak, drew up the entire list of Alameda-based investors in an excel sheet and further stated that the largest investments included Genesis Digital Assets, Anthropic, Digital Assets DA AG, K5 and IEX are included.

Wherein if the data is correct it appears that a lot of money has been invested in NFt to projects and foundations, tokens by Alameda and also includes Whole Token, Polygon, Near, 1 Inch, Lido, Exterio, Aptos and Yuga Labs etc. Which is definitely a huge deal and very important to know. For example, Polygon received $50,000,000 from McLaurin Investments Ltd., better known as Alameda Ventures.

FTX Ventures Ltd. About $50 million was raised and Maclaurin gave about $30,000,000. FTX Ventures gave Yuga Labs roughly $50 million, while Aptos raised $74.9 million from Clifton Bay Investments, also known as Alameda Research Ventures, which invested in specialty funds such as Multicoin Venture Fund II and Skybridge Capital II. According to Chinese news companies Blockbits and O’Daily News, the company has investments in Paxos, Messari, Starkware, Circle, Fanatics, Magic Eden, and Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity), as well as An Ohio-based produce and vertical farming firm called 80 Acres was sold for $25 million and $11.5 million to a firm called Zeniom, $500 million to AI Research Pharma and $500 million to IB Natal. One Venture received $1.5 million and shown by the FT as a bundle of 500 separate investors divided into 10 holding companies in Alameda’s portfolio with further notes that Alameda is concerned with the investment and that the accuracy of the FT data or Makes no claims about completeness and does not No claim is made.


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