Jordan Belfort, a former stockbroker whose memoir was featured in a movie called “The Wolf of Wall Street”, shared some thoughts about bitcoin and ethereum in a video posted on his YouTube channel. Said to have been directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio where he founded Stratton Oakmont that served as a boiler room marketing penny stock and scam to defraud investors While he became a motivational speaker when he was found guilty in 1999, he also had to go to jail for 22 years. Where the Wolf of Wall Street described the collapse of crypto exchanges as a scam and there is no way we can escape the scam, meaning we cannot escape the scam and its storm takes everyone where So just because FTX was also part of a scam it doesn’t mean you can totally ignore or ignore bitcoin here we can say it is worthless and going to zero and same for ethereum It is said. He believes that despite the recent sell-off and whatever crisis the market and industry are facing, the price of bitcoin and fuel has the potential to rise significantly and in fact will have momentum as he remains skeptical about other coins. Expressing that other than the 2 biggest crypto currency will not touch crypto with 10 foot pole right now and for those who already own other crypto tokens will decide what they should go home with and its Looking at each coin step by step when might be a good time, he expects a recommendation and says it should be based on what you think bought and what you think it’s worth right now.
Belfort also advises that investors should investigate the fundamentals of each token and know how each token can benefit them and allow them to invest in a market where they should question themselves. Why we have bought the coin or what are its advantages or how it can increase our capital, in what way we can be directly benefited by using it, if you keep the news of all this and you If you are expecting to keep the news of them, then definitely your investment is very good and the investment you have made will prove to be effective for you and if you feel that the company is really doing or can do something for you, then you Earning yourself as a successful investor is a very good thing and is a good reminder for investors to always do what is right for you and invest in crypto for what you will get later. express willingness to do so.
But if investors buy crypto tokens because of a more stupid theory then surely you can imagine that someone even more stupid than you will come along and buy a coin at a higher price than you wherever you recommend that bitcoin and ethereum When someone outside looks at him a little closer, then he probably never thinks about it. Citing the example of the dot-com bubble where 99% crashed and never came back, he explains that analyse anything and research anything you have a problem whether it’s a coin or coin. Tokens can solve that it’s just you’re buying it on word of mouth or because of the hype and we can hope that if you’re acting this way it’s really wrong but if you honestly know that What are you doing and how can you benefit from it, most likely you are trying to do good. Wherein one also expects that they plan to buy more bitcoin and ether and warns that bitcoin and crypto currency could fall further in the short term where they say they think it is very good The bet that’s down right now is that if you buy bitcoin or ethereum it’s likely that in 5 to 10 years the price will be much higher and they really do believe that.
According to him if you are buying bitcoin or ethereum it should account for a very small portion of your overall investment and portfolio and he advised limit all your holdings of crypto investments to less than 10% and that’s it. There will be money where you will inevitably be willing to bet and you can take a risk on it and you won’t mind losing it much.


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