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Economist Mohamed Al-Arian Predicts ‘Sticky’ Inflation Despite Federal Reserve’s Efforts to Bring It Down.

Economist Mohamed Al-Arian Predicts ‘Sticky’ Inflation Despite Federal Reserve’s Efforts to Bring It Down

Many other members, including Jerome Powell, the 16th chairman of the Federal Reserve, have stated many times that their goal is to bring inflation down to 2%. Emphasizing that the Federal Open Market Committee’s entire mindset and their overall goal at this point in time is to reduce inflation, and they are prepared to use every tactic and every action possible to control it. which of course has only been used for a tighter policy and a hike in interest rates. Emphasizing this of course, the Federal Reserve has been on its way seven times in a row since last year, increasing it on a monthly basis but each time stating that they have complete confidence in reducing inflation. Be it any way it is done. Inflation in the US has come down after reaching near double digits in October and November and at the same time economist and gold enthusiast Peter said that the days of 2% inflation in the US are gone. Last week at the 2023 World Economic Forum event in Davos, JLL CEO Christian Ulbricht told the Financial Times that his peers had started saying that 5 per cent or 2 per cent would be the new rate and that inflation would continue to hit 5 per cent. Will be around Mohamed El-Arian, president of Queens College, University of Cambridge, explained on January 17 that inflation could be “sticky” around the 4 percent range. El-Arian said in an Ad article published by Bloomberg that stocks and boards are off to a great start to 2023 but much remains uncertain about the world’s growth and inflation and policy prospects. The economists also say that the improvement in US growth prospects is being accompanied by a savings deficit, which had benefited greatly from substantial fiscal transfers and increased household indebtedness during the pandemic, as well as a substantial gain.

El-Arian: Bitcoin price has seen a significant turnaround this year and has registered a significant increase, thanks to investors who have significantly turned to inflation. To accept the hurdles as well as to achieve them has shown and accepted the risks and economists also write that this year has seen an increase of about 25% in the price of bitcoin which is due to weak individual positions and large Seen as a risk factor. In short, it is the risk-taking nature of investors and their belief in bitcoin that makes it popular and at the same time keeps the prices sky-high.
While the Federal Reserve aims to bring inflation back down to 2% and some forecast inflation to drop to 2.7% this year and 2.3% in 2024, El-Arian has chosen an adherent around the 4% range. The situation is estimated while “increasing wage pressure” is driving this change. Economists write that the transition is particularly notable because inflationary pressures are now less sensitive to central bank action and could lead to higher inflation at roughly twice the central bank’s current target level.



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