Microsoft layoffs reportedly affected key VR and metaverse teams

With Microsoft announcing layoffs during this recession, we can certainly see that the company’s alleged metaverse and VR (virtual reality) initiatives have also been affected, which could potentially stifle progress in these areas. affecting. If we talk about cuts this year, then 10,000 employees who have been fired by Microsoft from their company and with this it represents five percent of Microsoft’s global workforce. The teams behind initiatives like Altspacevr and Mixed Reality Tool Kit are being laid off as part of this restructuring process.
Altspacevr, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2017, has been the first to announce that it will either end its platform on March 10 or end all services on its platform. The platform was intended to facilitate the creation of virtual environments for events as well as the participation of artists, creators, brands and businesses will migrate to Mesh, a multitasking focused platform that has integration with Microsoft Teams.
The Mixed Reality Tool Kit, an open source set of tools and tools for creating a great user interface for the Metaverse, will also apparently be abandoned as there have been no announcements of dedicated teams for its development at the time of writing. Additionally, the company blames Shalini as a measure taken to show its cost structure alongside revenue and customer demand, and some also believe that this layoff process in virtual reality and potential technology from the metaverse is the result of this company. Indicates a slowdown in progress. Microsoft reported 11,000 jobs primarily affecting its central initiative on the consumer Metaverse as well as Meta laying off 13% of its work force. Although the high officials working in Microsoft definitely believe in the new technology and along with that they want the latest technology to be developed a lot and it will bring progress in future. Recently the company’s CEO Satya Nadella also said that the new technology which can sense the presence is like a game-changing. Microsoft is also involved in the creation of the Global Collaboration Village – Metaverse World of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and has shown considerable domestic interest in investing in artificial intelligence projects such as OpenAI, makers of the AI bot Chatgpt.


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