Report: Crypto Adoption Hits New Milestone – Global Crypto Owners Reach 425 Million in 2022

A report on “Crypto Market Sizing” for the year 2022 was published by last week and the company stated that its analysis is based on a combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum on-chain data, survey analysis and its own internal data. has been made. The firm’s Research & Insights team writes about global owner totals “despite macro headwinds,” meaning high inflation, conflicts in Europe, supply chain disruptions, and of course the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is present as its cause and result. If we talk about the individuals who will adopt crypto in 2022 and talk about the milestone of this then the number has reached to 425 million. The report detailed that the number of crypto owners worldwide increased by 39% to 306 million from 425 minutes and also highlighted the number of owners of bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin owners were reported to be 219 million, a jump of 20% from 183 million in January, accounting for 52 percent of the global number of owners. Also the strongest increase for bitcoin ownership occurred in April when the Central African Republic became the second country after El Salvador to adopt the cryptocurrency as legal tender. In addition, global investment bank Goldman Sachs is set to offer its first bitcoin-backed loan in the same month, and Ethereum owners meanwhile jumped 263% from 24 million in January, indicating growing interest in the cryptocurrency from WallStreet institutions. Magnify reached 87 million in December, which accounts for 20 percent of global owners, and the report continues to say that the main reason behind the growth rate of Ethereum adoption was the catalyst. The Merger & Addition research team points out that the monthly growth rate of Ethereum was observed to be higher than that of Bitcoin throughout the year except for April. Another company that recently estimated the number of global cryptocurrency owners is Triple A. Farm writes that by 2023 we forecast global crypto ownership rates to average 4.2%, with over 420 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.


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