Elementus Raises $10M to Bring Clear Blockchain Analytics to Institutional Clients

Blockchain companies focused on providing the tools to test the web3 landscape have managed to survive and thrive during the current downturn. Elementus, a New York-based blockchain firm that certainly aims to disrupt a Google-like analytics market for its Badri platform, has raised $10 million in Series A-2 funding round led by crypto VC firm Parafi Capital. has raised and additionally includes participation from Moonshots Capital, Spitfire Ventures and Colaco Investment Group.
With this investment, the valuation of Elements has reached $160 million, which is a huge increase since October 2021, which achieved the same and $12 million was raised by the company at a valuation of $52 million. The fund, led by Velvet Sea Ventures, had two farm partnerships in the ground, one from Alameda Research, a subsidiary of the now-defunct FTX, and BlockFi, which is now in bankruptcy proceedings.
The raised funds will be used to create more Solapur processes and build the necessary infrastructure for web3 institutions to hire and develop the new product. In addition to the rise of the FTX, cryptocurrency exchange, and Web3 hacks, events over the past year have put the spotlight on the utility of effective blockchain monitoring systems, and Elements CEO Max Galka believes that the system the company offers is ideal for institutions. can make a vital contribution to starting to rebuild trust in blockchain again. In a PR release, Galka said that the understanding and transparency of blockchain last year hit the headlines and that it will be critical to do so as the broader crypto industry tries to overcome a difficult year. The industry, which is still operating in the nascent market, should promote credibility and trust and security matters among both users and businesses. The company has been selected to act as it in 2 high profile cryptocurrency cases. Elements’ services are currently being used by unsecured creditors to conduct forensic audits related to Celsius and Blockfi which filed for bankruptcy last year. The two cryptocurrency lenders that filed for protection.


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