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Nigerian city of Lagos among world’s top 20 crypto hub cities – study.

Nigerian city of Lagos among world’s top 20 crypto hub cities – study

The findings of a recent study by crypto asset management firm Recap certainly makes a big disclosure about the cities holding cryptocurrencies, and moreover, the report clearly states how and which cities are holding cryptocurrencies. Taking steps towards becoming a center of These statistics show that crypto hubs include all kinds of cities in the area of change and it is definitely the cities that play a significant role in the crypto industry and also support this industry in a significant way. Are. It goes on to note that the Nigerian city of Lagos is the only African city to make it into the top 20 crypto hubs. It has made its place in this list. If we talk about it, Lagos has definitely been seen as the most populous city among the more than 200 world cities surveyed with a total score of 261.2 points, with a record of being overtaken by only 13 major cities. We can understand that the city appears to have the lowest statistics for cryptocurrency-related incidents, as the study’s findings show, or whether it is reflected in the number of bitcoin automated teller machines installed, yet this cryptocurrency It boasts of the highest Ownership Ratio which is around 45%. This includes population size and in addition the combined data shows that the city of Lagos “has the highest number of individuals working in crypto-based jobs”. Only London, Dubai, New York City, Singapore, Los Angeles and Paris have jobs that are related to cryptocurrencies and are employing more people. While Lagos—one of Africa’s most populous cities—is definitely one of the top 20 cryptocurrency hub cities, Ibadan, a city in southwest Nigeria, ranks 24th in the world and second in Africa. Is. The study’s data shows that Ibadan, which has the same cryptocurrency ownership rate as Lagos, has an overall score of 235.8. It appears 10 points higher than Ishq and the next highest ranked African city, Cape Town, which ranks third. Two more South African cities namely Pretoria (42) and Johannesburg (46) have also been included in the list of top 50 crypto hub cities while Angola’s Luanda (38) is the sixth African city to feature in the list.
The findings of the study show that London ranks as the highest banked city with a score of 458.5 followed by Dubai which scored 447.2. New York City (3) and Los Angeles (5) are the only US cities to feature in the top 10 ranked crypto cities while Singapore City (4) and Bangkok (10) are the only Asian cities on the list.



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