Elon Musk confirms TV offer to eat Happy Meal if McDonald’s accepts Dogecoin

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that if the McDonald’s Happy Meal company accepts payment in Dogecoin, he will certainly be encouraged to eat McDonald’s Happy Meals and accept his commitment to eat them. It has been 1 year since the billionaire’s offer and tweet on 25th 2022, while McDonald’s did not accept the offer at the same time and was replied to by the Fast Food Corporation’s Twitter account “that only Tesla accepts Grimecoin, “. Grimace is a fluffy and purple character who tags along with Ronald McDonald in McDonald’s commercials. The topic came up again this week when Twitter user Dog Designer asked Musk on Thursday whether his offer was still open and whether he would still go through with his offer, to which of course the Tesla CEO replied. replied with emojis indicating that their offer is still up and of course still agreeing to their offer. In January last year, following a conversation between McDonald’s Twitter account and Elon Musk, a crypto token called GrimaceCoin (GRIMACE), which has nothing to do with McDonald’s or Elon Musk, was launched and certainly at the time of writing Each coin is trading at $0.5879 and vice versa Musk, who is definitely known as a dogfather in the meme crypto community and is most interested in this, has been a long time supporter of Dogecoin. If we talk, the electronic car company Tesla currently accepts DOGE for some goods and Elon Musk has said that SpaceX will follow suit and also his boring company accepts DOGE payment for some rides . Of course, the billionaire has previously disclosed that he personally owns bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and said last June that he would continue to buy and invest in the dog and confirmed it in July. that Tesla has not sold any Dogecoin and in November he said: “Dogecoin to the Moon.”


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