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Robert Kiyosaki says ‘we are in a global recession’ – warns of rising bankruptcies, unemployment, homelessness.

Robert Kiyosaki says ‘we are in a global recession’ – warns of rising bankruptcies, unemployment, homelessness

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, is definitely back with yet another negative prediction and yet another negative statement in which he is back with his warnings about the economy and global recession. He goes on to say in his proclamation that we “ask in a certain way, what is worse than a great depression?”
In reply to this a person says that it is a global recession and unfortunately we are in a global recession and we need to understand and of course it is a very sad time for the world and it is a bad news because there is unemployment and homelessness. The possibility of retirement is increasing and with this people have been forced to think about how they will be able to do their work and how they will be able to carry out all kinds of work including retirement.
However, the renowned author points out that this is good news for investors and is definitely providing them with a bargain and are taking the plunge into precious cryptocurrencies – gold, silver, bitcoin – everywhere.
Last year the author warned that inflation could lead to more depression given the real estate crash and exits from the company and also warned of hyperinflation and depression in April. was released and it was said that the US dollar is going to get messed up and with that it is going to collapse and in May he said that with a bad news we can say that the elements that hurt the economy again came back as he addressed as “bad news”. The author is not the only one worried about a global recession as last September the World Bank also said that the risk of a global recession in 2023 is on the rise and is growing as central banks around the world act simultaneously in response to inflation. raising interest rates and certainly we can say that apart from this the International Monetary Fund has warned of a tough year ahead for the world economy.
Robert Kiyosaki regularly advises investors to buy gold and silver and bitcoin and warns about the state of the economy. They say the Biden administration cannot trust the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, and insist that the Federal Reserve and Treasury are destroying the US dollar.
He tweeted on the 14th that bitcoin gold, silver and oil prices are definitely rising and the point to note is that inflation is permanent and is now in the system and not temporary. Definitely bad news for the poor and middle class because everyone who believes that biden and his family are now cares about families. In December the author said that when the Federal Reserve pivots it prints billions of dollars and bitcoin investors will get rich and in November he explained that he is a bitcoin investor not a trader and that’s why whenever bitcoin prices fall So he gets excited and rushes to buy it and urges investors to be more active in cryptocurrencies before the world’s biggest economic crash happened in September.



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