Elon Musk asked via a Twitter campaigner whether he should relinquish his position as the head of the social media platform and resign from his services. According to the billionaire, he will follow the results of the vote and the people. The poll ended with 57.5% of more than 17 million users wanting Elon Musk to step down as head of Twitter and a comment about him. Responding to he says that the new CEO has already been heard and he will retire from his service to become the chairman of the Twitter board and according to Elon Musk’s statement no one wants the job which will actually keep Twitter alive. Could make it popular among the people and there is no successor at present and in another tweet the Tesla chief explains that when the question of finding a new CEO does not come to his mind as he wants One can efficiently do the work of keeping Twitter popular in front of everyone. .

Many people urge Musk not to leave the job and stay in Twitter and say that if Elon Musk leaves Twitter, he will close his account and reduce the number of users from Twitter and because of that He says that he started his account and a different said that crowd is not always right and definitely many people’s views for you are not right and they don’t keep up with you that’s why you are the result of those voting process But do not act according to yourself, because a leader is made only for leadership, he does not bow down to anyone, nor does he change his opinion according to anyone, then you also have any right or need to change your opinion. No you just stand up for a speech and you will always be required when it comes to amendment.
In November, Musk told the court that he did not want and was not interested in becoming Twitter’s CEO. Hoping to find one that works according to them and according to them and handle Twitter with a lot more efficiency and this tweet certainly led to a barrage of retweets and people expressing their opinion where But Edward Snowden’s comment indicates that he is fully capable of acting as Respondent and CEO and that he can receive his payment in bitcoin and when new comments It really came out as a salient point when he said this because he has been living in exile since he exposed a National Security Agency spying program affecting millions of Americans in 2013. It is clear that he is very interested in crypto currency and bitcoin and his It is clear from the vet that he proposes to name himself and act as CEO.
Answering the question whether Twitter’s CEO can take insults and certainly can he take insults, the main reason is that Elon Musk is certainly keen to make Twitter an independent platform. are and want to work very hard to make it a platform of security for which they are looking for hard working people and in view of this they fired many people from twitter which was the result that Indian origin and He had shown the way out of the company to many board members who worked as the former CEO of the country, so surely there is a question in the minds of the people that Tesla’s CEO does not tolerate laxity at all in terms of work. And they don’t like to waste time at all and of course they want to have a kind of leadership that can work according to them and take all their orders and all their merits and demerits and criticisms personally. be able to reply so that more and more Twitter It can happen and the rumour and negativity prevailing on social media can be reduced. It is in view of this that the question was asked and in response it was stated that he understands that he has also faced some criticism in the past which of course was commented upon by the same person who proposed his name as CEO. He was doing and indirectly passing his proposal to the CEO of Faisal. But here also no one was working in unison because according to some users whatever polling was done most of them were bots who came there just to increase the size of polling and definitely some users fake id had entered there because whatever polling was done in this polling was not correct according to some users and what type of polling was shown deliberately and the people were busy in their work and could not even login so most of the votes Looks fake and fake.

Overall Tesla CEO and world’s second billionaire with a net worth of over $163 billion owner Elon Musk’s views are not included as CEO of Twitter because he himself wants a person who can handle it with much more efficiency but according to this some people also believe that he should work in Twitter Need and new thinking should be there for its progress. Some users believe that if Musk does not work in Twitter, it can definitely lead to the downfall of Twitter and that is why he urges Elon Musk to stay in Twitter and definitely believes that he Twitter is working because of Twitter but if we go by the recent exit poll which was conducted by Musk then we will come to know that in this regard he is of the opinion that a new CEO should be elected in which one The person has already proposed his name and now we have to see what further process it takes to see or how Mast reacts to it and of course whether it is liked by the users or not.


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