According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and head of Twitter, SpaceX, the technology giant Apple has threatened to withdraw Twitter from its App Store or has given a warning to remove it. According to Billionaire Musk, it is a tough fight for the future of civilization which plays an important role in maintaining it and if in America too freedom of speech or freedom of expression and the power to reason is lost that’s possible in future. According to him a person should have the right to speak in which he has a right to wrong.
Musk and his new policies and his important statements towards social media which keep coming in the coming days have become a battle of speech for the company as Apple has threatened to withdraw not only Twitter from its App Store but also other things. Has proved in words that she is against Elon’s decree orders that they give and she wants to prove by this act that if Elon Musk wants to have control over the entire social media through his legal on Twitter then it should be impossible. Elon Musk, on the other hand, is certain that nothing like this will happen and Twitter will not be taken back. He explained the important reason and reason behind all this. Musk verified that Apple is seeking moderation where Apple is one of Twitter’s top advertisers that heavily promotes Twitter and makes it a popular app among users. He said that Apple spends more than 100 million a year on social media ads. But despite all this, Elon Musk said in a tweet on Monday why Apple has banned Twitter ads or why it is not showing ads. Does he not want to see America as a free speech country or does a person not have the right to express his/her expression freely?
In response to Musk being asked who gets blocked by Apple, blockchain firm LBRY said that during the COVID pandemic, Apple had asked our apps to return certain words and concerns and if we could use those words as per their terms. If we don’t do this again our apps will not be allowed in the App Store and Apple has been opposing free speech for some time if they can make good products. The company went on to say that Apple had not allowed almost anything related to COVID-19, especially vaccines or the human origin of the virus. Where he further elaborates that we had to build a list of more than 20 words only to not show results on Apple devices after which Apple rejected us because Pepe images were included in the video by users. In addition, Musk tweets that everything you buy from Apple’s App Store is secretly taxed at 30 percent. According to Apple’s website, Apple takes a 30 percent tax on sales made through its in-app purchase system. It is clear from the statements of Elon Musk that he is completely against this decree of Apple where he does not want Apple to give up his support and join forces with those who speak against him. That is why he is telling Apple to speak against the policies and according to him Apple does not want any person to have the freedom of free expression and to speak openly in front of the world. Michael Saylor, the pro-Bitcoin CEO of MicroStrategy, said that everyone has a legal right to free speech and expression, and we have no right to curtail or curtail this right. We should respect that expression which gives us the opportunity to speak freely. According to him, if we get the permission of the government to speak our mind peacefully and put it in front of the world, then we can perform purely. Whereas Hello Namaskar says that he will not let Twitter be separated from mobile by doing anything and after trying he will bring back Twitter in its old version and its old form and if for that he has to make a customized mobile too, then He will not back down either.
Overall, it is clear from this statement that Elon Musk will definitely not let Twitter be separated so easily and the expression of speech that we get through Twitter will also not end. The same Apple is against Elon Musk’s policies and can even remove Twitter from its App Store. The only reason for this is the decrees of Elon Musk and his new policies which are not correct in any way from the point of view of the Apple company and are going to give rise to a confusing situation.
If we talk about Elon’s policies, then after the acquisition of Twitter, new decrees and policies are being heard which are sometimes for the users and sometimes for their company. He was also the first to start the fire process in the company, after that companies from all over the world and Tech Revolution are showing the way home to many employees by adopting the fire process from their company. Where he keeps on giving new decrees everyday and his debates go on every day. Indeed we can say that many startups and companies are against the statements that he gives but Musk defends himself by stating that all these policies are under the law of freedom, ability to speak and a complete expression. Elon Musk has clearly given such a statement by his statement that we can say that definitely he is a passionate person who can go to any extent to prove his work Where his policies, decrees and other clear sentences prove that how he has got the title of a revolutionary person and Billionaire and why he is a strong heart person who always famous for his strong statements.


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