Indian Finance Minister Pushes For International Cooperation On Crypto Regulation – Awareness Campaign Discussed

India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman during a press conference presented answers to some questions about crypto currency. He clearly stated that crypto currency is an important issue that the G-20 is working on and this is because we feel that crypto currency is driven by technology around the world and at the same time it has a lot of influence on people around the world. There is the attention of experts and delegates from around the world. Certainly we can understand that crypto currency wants international cooperation for buying and selling of assets and the regulator that becomes for it should also be international.
The Indian finance chief said, “The reason is they can be anywhere but operate in India or they can be in India but they are eligible to operate anywhere”. Nirmala Sitaraman of course also addressed the issue of young Indians and students in particular putting their pocket money into risky cryptocurrencies with the hope of generating huge returns. What you raised about the concern of the youth getting into this is certainly a very serious matter and for this we are also running a campaign and this campaign continues from time to time to warn people. And there is a risk zone and one should be aware of it. The Indian Finance Minister says that a campaign was launched in January and the government aims to educate people about cryptocurrencies. Definitely we can say that our main goal is to make people aware. Regarding the crypto currency bill, the way the government is doing very good work and has been working for a long time, definitely the Finance Minister says that the discussion regarding the MLA is going on and whatever will be updated will be told.


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