It is possible that the tech company Apple will develop its own metaverse system and community as the company is offering the most Augmented Reality Simulation based job offers in its job profile, which aims to promote experienced 3D 2D animation and virtual reality talents and bring them to the company. The idea is to give a permanent place in the metaverse so that a platform can be developed. The company is calling for experienced developers to create virtual worlds, as well as an engineering team that can support it in creating the best new technologies for its customized and 3D animation, and transform Apple into a metaverse community in every sense.
The company released its motto through job listing on 13th number, in which its main step was to develop the Metaverse Engine and boost up the company profile. The company gave a projection and expressed its views on the direction in which the company is going to work.
If we look at the Bloomberg report, we get to know that the company is looking for an experienced engineer to develop its VR handset with high definition display, a shirt of more than 10 cameras and support of Apple’s latest m2 chip. Which shows how well the company is working on its virtual reality platform.
The way the company has given opportunities to virtual reality and 3D animation developers in its job listing options, it is clear that the entire focus of the company is to work on future technology and the company has already established the Metaverse platform. Only and only now that platform is yet to be taken further with the help of experienced developers, due to which the company is employing in its office and by creating more and more employment, it wants developers to join it and share their ideas with the technology of the future. And express about Mentaverse and Virtual World where the company aims to build a virtual framework that will work in this direction.
The company’s executive board CEO, Steve Jobs also believes that the coming technology is going to bring a positive change which will be in every direction and will be in the green area. Where the speed of internet and web will also change and people will also get a chance to get a fast service. According to him, the company’s move in this direction shows to a great extent that the company is working on more modern and advanced technology, where professional developers will enhance their experiences by working with the company and prove through internship that they are the future. How can you contribute to the technologies of Executive CEO said that although not everyone knows what is Metaverse Project of System but I am a big believer in this field and according to me virtual reality is the coming future which will handle and drive technology and innovation. Is. That’s why our company never wants to leave anyone in this direction, which means that company wants more and more employees to join the company and share their moto with the company and work in this direction with the company. The company will support them and thus the foundation of future technology will be laid and work will be done on it together. The Technavio report also predicts a rise in such experiences and can be expected to become a trend that will fuel the interactivity and film industry in the years to come. Cook told the publication Bright that it is more important for him to remember that people have an understanding of what future technologies are and is not really sure that more and more people are not aware of it, so we need to do more in this direction. Work will have to be done in a better and faster way so that everyone can be aware of it.


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