Apple may build its own Metaverse platform.

Apple’s latest job feed and Tim Cook’s statement make it clear that AAP is looking for experienced and professional Virtual Reality Developers and 3D Animation Artists who can share their experiences and ideas about the new world and Work with Apple on this matter. The company aims to attract various virtual reality developers so that the company can work smoothly and quickly towards the upcoming metaverse community. According to the company its job listing and upcoming plans are already to set a world in the metaverse.

Regulators halt trading of the FTX token in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti) has asked digital assets exchanges in the country to stop trading the FTX token, also known by its ticker FTT. There is a return to scale and the FTX token price continues to decline dramatically. The Ftx exchange that issued the FTT token has also filed for bankruptcy in the United States and is under investigation by regulatory bodies around the world.

According to the President, El Salvador will buy bitcoin every day from tomorrow.

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele announced on Twitter on Thursday that his country will buy one bitcoin a day starting tomorrow. He says FTX is the opposite of bitcoin, a protocol used to stop Ponzi schemes, bank runs, Enron and money reparations. . The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned the President that this could be a costly affair, but President Bukele continued to go with bitcoin, defying all warnings.

New CEO says FTX is subject to unreliable financial data and unacceptable corporate failure.

Following the bankruptcy filing, the newly elected CEO of FTX stated that never in his career had he seen such a complete failure of corporate control and complete absence of finance as was occurring. The CEO states that FTX Group did not maintain proper books and records, or security controls, over its digital assets and there was an absence of daily reconciliation, use of software to conceal misappropriation of client funds, and application of independent acts. They say that at FTX nothing was done with discipline and method.

Ripple partners with Africa-focused remittance and payments firm MSF Africa

According to tech firm Ripple, its crypto solution “On-Demand Liquidity” MSF Africa is set to launch “real-time mobile payments for customers in 35 countries.” As Ripple’s partnership with MSF Africa develops, there will obviously be an opportunity for the entire region to “financially benefit.” The company will get the latest opportunities through the partnership.


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