The cryptocurrency sector is now setting its feet in the tourism industry. UAE-based travel & tourism company launched its cryptocurrency, KRS Token. The company has developed, for booking hotel rooms and tours. The partnership aims to enhance the user experience of the platform by introducing cryptocurrencies as payment options.
The main goal of KRS Token is to make blockchain technology easily accessible to as many hotel customers in different parts of the world. In order for this to happen, KRS Token has developed a platform called that allows hotels to accept cryptocurrency payments from their guests. The platform will be available in various countries, with plans for expansion into several others. KRS token will allow users to pay with crypto in any country they visit without worrying about exchange rates or fees. is a travel platform that helps you explore the world. Our goal is to make your life easier by connecting you with the best places in the world. We believe that if you are passionate about something, you should be able to share it with others and get paid for it. We want to help people discover new places and experience them differently than they had imagined before.
KRS Token aims to make Resorts World a crypto-friendly resort, offering guests convenient and secure services only available through the KRS Token. Not only this KRS Token is also ready with their Roadmap but within the coming year. The company says it will soon be launching its own 100+ own resorts which will be crypto-friendly after the takeover. And KRS Token will not stop here, KRS Token is also planning to tie up with 10,000+ resorts where payment will be done through crypto and KRS Token.
KRS Token Metaverse Resort is a virtual reality platform that enables users to experience within the licensed metaverse resort. People can own part of the Metaverse resort via exclusive NFT including resident avatars, and luxury condominiums.
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