Biggest Movers: LEO bounced back on Wednesday, while AVAX declined from 3-week high and moving away from the red dot is a good sign that the prices are rising and investors are making profits.

Unus sed leo (LEO) was one of the few coins that climbed higher on Tuesday as the price rebounded from recent positions and turned gains from losses where after a low of $3.78 to start the week, LEO/ USD rose 3 points from the day’s first spot to 1 day high of $94. Where this market comes in after breaking out of the 3 point key core of $75 on Monday and being unable to hold on to it and the index climbed 43 points 50 points from its bottom on Monday and is currently at 49 points at the time of writing or Point 12 is visible while this is the highest point that the price strength has hit in 1 week and in the process pushed it closer to the 50 point ceiling of 00 and we can say AVAX/USD made a low of $13.48 earlier in the day That comes less than 24 hours after hitting a peak of $14.31.
Where the price was above $15 since 10th November and Monday’s high was at the strongest point and as per today’s sentiment maintain crossover above the 25 day blue average despite the 10 day red average where traders are Lets try to move above $14 mark in coming days as it is still bullish. We can say that this change in the prices and this jump in them is a good sign and instills a belief in the mind of the investors that their money is going to grow and it is a sign that the market is going to turn good again. and a new confidence is rekindled where the focus is on price rise and buoyancy.


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