Congressional hearings on the collapse of crypto exchanges will be held on December prepared by the US Housing Committee on Financial Services where Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), chair of the congressional committee, and Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), former CEO of FTX, are expected to attend the hearing. But before issuing a summons to testify, voters politely asked him on Twitter on Friday, and they said, “We appreciate you coming forward to have your discussions and your statements about what happened.” We are aware of the clarification and your willingness to speak to the public and your willingness to meet the company and customers and investors will help other people for which we invite you to the next hearing on the 13th and we hope that our You will accept the invitation and tell us all your thoughts and your plans and reveal the truth to the public. While the former CEO responded to voters on Twitter on Saturday, saying that once I finished learning and reviewing what happened, he felt it was time to appear before the committee and lecture them. It is necessary for him and it is his duty to present his lectures and before his cleaning committee and before all the world. He said that he is not sure that it will happen till 13th but he can say that he will testify. Overall we can think that through this the former CEO has said whether he will be present on 13th or not. He does not want to tell anything about it but he wants to say that he is ready to testify, besides he says that one has the right to give lectures and keep his point of view and it is his too and when he clarified his Presented before the media, will be able to do so in future as well and would like to do so. According to Waters the SBF must appear at the hearing next week as it is mandatory for them while a Congresswoman responded to the former CEO on Monday that your role as CEO is important where you are everything to the company and the past In a few weeks, based on your videos and cars, we can also clarify. Whatever information you have given us so far, this information we have about you is completely sufficient and necessary for testimony and also In a reverse tweet, he wrote that as you know the closure of FTX has caused huge losses and more than 1000000 people have lost their jobs and their investments have gone into loss where your testimony is not only for Congress members will be meaningful but also important to all Americans who are examining your testimony and want to know what you think about them or what you think about their loss and their pain and their pain and He will be very happy to know all this and will praise you. They said the best way to make the process easier for Congress is for you to testify where Waters also insisted that you be at our hearing on the 13th and if you have more information to share later You are ready for that hearing also and we are also fully ready to hear you but on speaking of this statement SBF has not given any other reply and they are silent. Many people here on social media criticized Waters for being polite to the former CEO and some said that the legislator has completely stopped asking SBF on social media and is being forced to testify and Ordered to issue summons. While some doubt that Waters really has a knack for SBF and admires SBF because the former FTX boss was the second largest donor to the Democratic Party during the 2021-22 election cycle, he has made a good donor. played a role and donated $39,884,256 to Democrats before the FTX crisis forced it to file for bankruptcy, while Tesla CEO and Twitter boss Elon Musk believes the SBF’s actual support to Democrats is over a billion dollars. Which in itself is a big deal and worth taking care of.
Overall, Waters wants to tell SBF by his statement that it is mandatory to attend the hearing on 13th and it is mandatory to put his voice and his views in front of the world while on one hand he politely urges them to attend this hearing. Get involved and put your point in front of everyone while the former CEO’s stance is not yet clear in this matter and he has not given any direct answer while he has only explained by gestures that he is ready for each and every hearing according to his And maybe even on 13th and will be ready for hearing though it is not clear yet. It is not that the former CEO has not given any statement till date or has not expressed his views about FTX but every time he has willingly come in front of everyone and said this where in his recent interview Admits that he sympathises with the people and is sorry that the investors had to lose their money, but he also agrees that he does not give his statement when asked by anyone, whereas he gives his statement only when he has to. I feel like giving myself and he said this even today during his tweet. We can say that the former CEO is sympathetic and for some people he is a rascal while for some people he is a good person and some people criticise him while some people praise him. The conditions are the same but we can know that definitely this situation will improve and he will also agree to the statement and we can’t say clearly when it will happen maybe soon.


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