New FTX CEO discusses possibility of rebooting dormant crypto exchange in first interview since taking office

New FTX CEO and Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), John J. Ray III conducted his first interview after the company filed bankruptcy. He told The Wall Street General that Price could be considering restarting cryptocurrency exchanges and that “everything is on the table.” The interview was followed by a recent press release by the bankruptcy team and the FTX debtors to inform the Committee of Unsecured Creditors. The new CEO tells the publication that if he finds a way to reboot the crypto exchange, we will not only find it, but also follow that path and, with as much effort as possible, bring that path to its conclusion. Through a presentation made to the Committee of Unsecured Creditors, it appears that $5.5 billion in unsecured assets has been discovered. However, the definition of “liquid” as it applies to caches of locked SOL and FTX tokens (FTT) is, and is therefore, a major topic of debate. In addition to the $5.5 billion discovery, the team detailed that $4.5 billion could be obtained by selling subsidiaries and trading the company’s real estate in the Bahamas, and according to the new CEO, there are stakeholders whose debtors are working and who have identified what they would like to see as a viable business.
The new FTX CEO talks about his tussle with former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and it is reported that of course the former CEO is also discussed. It has been reported that the new CEO has kept his distance from the old CEO, and further that the new CEO John says that he no longer needs to interact with the disgraced former CEO as he told the WSJ. Reflecting further, the former CEO told WSJ that, “This is a shocking and hurtful comment from someone pretending to care about customers”. Certainly the new CEO see things differently and the chief restructuring officer has even criticized the co-founder’s Excel balance sheet. The new CEO reveals that in his entire career restructuring companies he has never seen anything like FTX and of course he insists that SBF went on a spending spree. The CEO said that sometimes agreements were not signed and agreements were not signed, once again SBF also refuted the claims that the co-founder’s vision was to know that he was a honey bee. Like a pot.
In a message, the former CEO told the WSJ that John Ray continues to make false statements. If John had had the experience or concern to think carefully about FTX US, he probably would have realized both that his interpretation was not fully consistent with bankruptcy law and also that if any of his balance sheet takes a $250 million cut so FTX USA is still salvaged.” This was followed by an addition by the former CEO that the new CEO sees everything as a big pot of honey that he wants to keep and he doesn’t see eye to eye with the former CEO at all and of course the co founder of FTX has on countless occasions Despite saying that he wants to help the creditors, Ray believes that the SBF is misleading and causing harm. Noting of course that the SBF text messages are false, the new CEO insists it is unfortunate because people are still being victimized and then the new CEO says they are victims of misinformation and it is harmful.
FTX’s exchange token, FTT, had exploded in value arising from the news arising from the new CEO as well as his belief that there might be a possibility to revive the dormant trading platform and was as high as $1.71 per unit before the interview was published. But after trading, FTT increased by 35% to $ 2.48 per unit.


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