Spacewalkers: Becoming an Investor on the Blockchain – How can one invest in the gaming industry?

Spacewalkers, a gaming studio, is striving to revolutionize the way investors can participate and profit from their projects. Certainly the company is releasing a range of games and providing a significant opportunity for anyone to invest in them through the use of technology. Spacewalkers is an already established developer with a portfolio of games to be released and to come. Before you read about the history of the studio and how you can get involved and take advantage, take a look here. Get on Steam! Certainly when sustainability is important then it becomes important to choose a project that achieves more than grand gestures and empty talk. With meme coins and a host of scams out there credibility is an important factor to take into account and that is where Spacewalkers comes in.
Spacewalkers which was founded in 2020 certainly consists of individuals who not only have a significant amount of experience working on projects somewhere in well established studios like Flying Wild Hog and Techland but also showcase and they also have a significant track record to deliver on their promises, which is commendable in itself. Their first release, Interregnum Chronicles: Signal, was launched in 2021 to surely give investors and players alike some familiarity with the brand and the ability to get a taste of the times . The platform’s first title released on the Steam platform gives them a certain kind of overview of what they have completed production as well as certification. Experience of promoting on a global platform and engaging with players in a significant way and all this the game studio has achieved in a short span of time and it achieved this in just 6 months and has won the hearts of the users managed to occupy an important position into further prove that spacewalkers do indeed matter and deliver, earlier this year the team set out to create a simple turn-strategy game to show their support for Ukraine in the midst of Russia’s invasion. The decision was given. Ukraine Defense Force Tactics (UDFT) was soon created and widely approved and praised by players all over the world, including Ukraine, and all net proceeds from game sales are donated to the victims and the needy and local Donated to charitable organizations.
The studio’s next game and its biggest yet is an ambitious project about survival in a post-apocalyptic world in which extraterrestrial civilizations lay waste to Earth while humans fight for survival and unite humanity as one. The mysterious brain was destroyed by the virus and the world was pushed into a new ice age while the magnetic poles suddenly shifted. A group of normal people caught up in farm incidents. provides a fresh perspective of events that are beyond their comprehension and minor tragedies quietly play the background of those events. The first proper game in the series, Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet, is set for release in the first quarter of 2024 and Spacewalkers aims to make 3 to 6 games in the series over the course of the next 6 to 8 years. These games are certainly unique in the fact that they feature stand-alone stories set within an extensive fictional universe that has already been established. This means that it has the potential to target fans of the novel as well as those who enjoy sci-fi literature. Spacewalkers also aims to complete the book trilogy and branch out into other mediums such as film and more. When it comes to selecting a project in the gaming industry the wisest decision is to select a credible and established team and have already earned a place in this growing industry. Spacewalkers are one such team and can soon be a part of a growing community with lots of potential now and in the future. As blockchain technology continues to impact gaming and the industry, it certainly aims to create and deliver a great and meaningful experience for players alongside modern investment models. The gaming sector in Poland is an ever-evolving industry and policy game makers are not only pushing their hegemony on the world stage to compete with other developers, but in fact the quality and ingenuity of the games created there is very high. Investing in Spacewalkers is simple: all you have to do is buy Spacewalker Tokens (SWT) on TECRA Space. The supply of SWT is limited as there are only going to be 20M tokens in total. Of course it is available for purchase during the investment phase which is then followed by token burn without preserving the value of the whore token. To date over 6M tokens have been sold to investors and the company has pledged to use 40% of its profits from the games to buy SWT back from the exchange. These tokens are then also destroyed, creating a deflationary feedback loop that benefits token holders even more.
But it’s not just the buyback program that makes investing in Spacewalkers a smart move. Not only do investors participate directly in the profits of blockchain games, they also benefit from the fact that SWT will be freely traded on crypto exchanges. This means that not only do you have a touching opportunity to earn a share of the profits, but you also have the potential for the value of your investment to increase as demand for SWT increases, plus investors can redeem their tokens at any time. Can sell and get profit on it.
Additionally, SWT will be able to serve as a utility token within the Spacewalkers games, serving as the in-game currency that players can use to purchase in-game items, such as new skins, weapons, or other enhancements. As the demand for it increases so will the demand for WT and the value of the token will increase. Overall, Spacewalkers takes an innovative approach to funding and investing in its games and represents a change in what we can say by allowing anyone to become an investor through the use of cryptocurrencies. is becoming democratized and more and more people are ensuring their share of the success by getting involved in projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in one of the most innovative and operated game studios in the gaming industry and buy your tokens for Spacewalkers on TECRA SPACE. Join now to get it.


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