Rock legend Gene Simmons confirmed Thursday that he is still holding or promoting cryptocurrencies despite crypto painter and crypto exchange FTX rocking the market and ruining the industry. Simmons is an Israeli born American musician and singer and actor and songwriter and producer. He was the frontman, bassist and co-lead singer of Kiss, the founding rock band with lead singer and guitarist Paul Stanley. When it comes to cryptocurrency he is holding and of course he is an actor who is well versed in all kinds of arts so we can say that the musician is fond of cryptocurrency which makes him great even in recession .
In the process of a question from Crypto Housewife at his Moneybag Vodka launch event in Alberta, Canada, he said that he is still holding on to his currency and of course he says that he is not going to suggest or recommend anything. Neither is nor is she going to act as a financial advisor and would not advise people to do the same. He states that it is his personal decision while many recuse themselves from financial advisor status of any kind. The Rock Legend added that since you are asking me yes I am a deep believer in crypto and I have bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and many others I am holding but to each with their own risks And with caution one must act and invest in it when it has a mind of its own and a will.
They say that in the meantime, the price of bitcoin has decreased by about 64% year-on-year while ether has fallen by 66% and surely we can say that the crypto industry has suffered several major setbacks along with Seth. And the industry is suffering massive downturns, including the 13 Block Sale explosion in May and FTX last month. ,

FTX, Compute North, Voyager Digital, Celsius Network, Three Arrows Capital and BlockFi have all applied for Deva Diya protection after handling and arranging financial problems and billions of dollars to an estimated 1 million customers and investors. Which is huge where Simmons reveals that he holds and owns 14 cryptocurrencies and in June he said that he will not sell any of his coins despite the decline, nor has he yet And of course this is all a result of his deep belief in cryptocurrencies where during an interview with American songwriter in May Simmons said that he finds himself talking and thinking about cryptocurrencies often. And there is government as we all know they also want money when they need it and that’s why we can say inflation is increasing and increasing where rock legend is talking about all these things revealing all these things shed light on and that Says yes it is a game changer in which she is big and she is thankful for the great performance she has done.
Of course, despite the fall, it is a great thing to hold the cryptocurrency and use it for your work. Definitely we can say that it is really a good move given by the stop legend Simmons and it plays a huge lead role to encourage the investors but wherever he refuses that he will not give any While not doing the work of advising the investor, we can only know that of course he will indirectly do the work of an advice to the individuals involved in this industry and it should be because the crypto market Huge and that’s why Rok Legend has faith in the market process which is why he trusts this market and invests his holdings in it and of course believes in himself and the crypto industry despite the downturn.


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