South African retailer accepting payment via BTC at all its stores Choose and pay now

Just a few months after selected outlets accepted bitcoin payments we learned that South African retailers now definitely accept Pick n Pay (PNP) at over 1500 stores across the country. Accept payments in the form of bitcoin and reportedly PnP customers can now sell a wide variety of goods, including groceries, airtime and electricity purchases, through the bitcoin lightning network. It was reported in November that the acceptance of bitcoin as a means of retail payment in South Africa was made possible after the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) declared the cryptocurrency as a financial product. Pick and Pay previously said it had experimented with bitcoin payments in a staff canteen in 2017. While the experiments were successful, the retailer said the technology was “certainly not effective” at the time and This was also not cost effective. Responding to the announcement, Pick & Pay’s move was hailed and praised by Crypto Payments South Africa, Crypto QR, which is sure to be the most convenient form of bitcoin for residents and everyday shoppers to use. allows currency for This is the best news and of course we can also say that after this tweet of crypto QR people believed in it even more as it is now available to express and clothing store as well as all staff in South Africa is active on and you can definitely enjoy multiple types of travel and also buy electricity, plane and bus tickets and pay your municipal bills and of course all these payments you You can do it with bitcoin. Meanwhile a user or multiple users have applauded the initiative which claims to use bitcoin as an alternative payment system and refers to its key terminology. One user, Kelly Yanes, says that this is the first time he has personally seen the best and most productive use of bitcoin in public places and stores, while some other users highlight the pitfalls of using the please asset for everyday purchases. also do it. Overall we can say that this type of use of bitcoin is really commendable which has been started in South Africa.


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