Addressable Raises $7.5M To Help Web3 Marketers Reach Their Audience

Marketing agencies have had a hard time building web3 products for their audiences due to the lack of good guidance on these services, and Addressable, a software startup that raised $7.5 million in its seed round, claims it has There may be a solution to the problem. The round, which was backed by Viola Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Mensch Capital Partners and North Island Ventures, banks on the capabilities of the addressable software. The company has claimed that it
Onchain combines addresses with their social media profiles, allowing businesses to gain valuable data from their potential targets, as well as allowing them to tailor specific campaign focuses to engage audiences through new services. Can get help in doing as well as showcase it through social profiles on platforms like Twitter. Addressable’s software allows each user’s software to select from over 500 million web3 accounts through multiple channels and cross-reference the entire universe of social media accounts on today’s different platforms, or even cross-reference them entirely. Have to add. For now we can say that, the company supports the purposes to target Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fuse, Arbitrum and other EVMs and only the audience is monitored on the Ethereum blockchain for tracking and future This is made possible with the support of Polygon and the upcoming Binance Smart Chain.
Addressable’s business model isn’t unique as there are already other companies trying to solve web3’s marketing problems, and its co-founder and CEO Tomer Sharoni told TechCrunch about the challenges the company faces. doneHow he is trying to differentiate himself from the startup.
They said competes with other Web3 CRM startups, including Blaze, Cookie3, Kazum, and Absolute Labs, which primarily focus on customer reactivation by analyzing and engaging with a company’s existing onchain user base. However, Sharoni says that Addressable’s overall approach was definitely on top of the system as they aim to unlock web3 onchain users. Apart from this the company says that they protect the privacy of the targeted users as well as their clients cannot target users as data points and no information will be shared on their question.


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