Binance is saying that Indian crypto exchange Wazirx can no longer use its wallet services.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance on Friday said that Indian crypto exchange Wazirx “can no longer use its wallet services and given that it has no control over user funds or any aspect of the exchange’s operations”. It goes on to explain that we have stopped providing the wallet and all related services to the operator of the exchange, Zanmai Labs (Zanmai) and is a service we are terminating. has expressed its intention and at the time of the announcement of the crypto exchange that the Indian company has not decided to fully withdraw the assets held in its wallet as well as where to withdraw the funds that it used to operate Wazirx. does for
Public Dispute Between Binance and Wazirx The termination of wallet services for Zanmai by Binance followed a public debate between Binance and Wazirx regarding the nature of the relationship between the two cryptocurrency trading platforms.
“Janmai has made a series of misleading claims concerning Binance’s alleged role and responsibility for the operation of the Wazirx exchange,” the crypto exchange elaborates.
Wazirx publicly misrepresented to Binance false and misleading information regarding the origin of users and maintaining control over the users’ activity and operation of its platform. Insisting that Zenmai only provides wallet service “as a technical solution to the operation of the Wazirx exchange”.

Binance says that on January 26, it again falsely accused the company in India. had pledged to withdraw or continue to make statements and cease to use our services or to use the services of our Wallet. The further exchange goes on to explain that
Since Zanmai has refused to clarify his statements, he has until 3 February 2023 (23:59 UTC) to withdraw the funds from the account which he used to operate Wazirx.
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the mastermind of the crypto exchange, says that India does not provide enough opportunities for their exchange due to the heavy tax structure and regulatory stance of the country and the exchange is expanding its business across the world. And it is now licensed in European countries as well and recently said it has acquired a Japanese exchange and invested in a Korean exchange.


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