InsideBitcoins is excited to announce another opportunity for our followers to participate in a token pre-sale.

Regular readers will recall we tipped the pre-sale of the DEFC token at $0.10 in June, which a few months later went on to reach an all-time high of $4 (a 40x gain), and is still trading at 5x the pre-sale price.

Tomorrow, October 20th at 11am GMT, the token Stakemoon is going on pre-sale, for a launch price of $0.0035.

What is Stakemoon?

Stakemoon is a decentralized digital currency project that will form the native token of a proprietary staking platform.

By the end of Q2 2022, the Stakemoon team plan to host 100+ PoS tokens including Stakemoon on a single go-to platform for people interested in making money passively and at low-risk through staking.

Read their full whitepaper here.

How to Buy Stakemoon

To purchase Stakemoon tokens at a pre-sale discount:

  • Send an email to admin@stakecoins.com
  • Put in the subject line – Buy StakeMoon By Soft Launch!
  • Specify how much you would like to purchase in USD

Read in detail how to set up your wallet to receive your tokens on the Stakemoon landing page. You can also read the project roadmap on that page.

The minimum purchase amount is $250, and the maximum is $35,000, ensuring everyone has a chance to buy.

Stakemoon Telegram Group

Currently there are 9,000 members in the Stakemoon Telegram community discussing the project with admins.

Join them at: https://t.me/StakeMoonOfficial


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