Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace.game give users the fantasy to create their own avatars and make themselves eligible to participate in thrilling meta adventures and outstanding feelings. Voxel Crazy Head, as it is known, is a blockchain-based collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that live and act as the Metaverse, and Voxel Head becomes a digital avatar, accessing the Metaspace.game meta platform and providing its services. Makes it happen
MetaSpace.Games is a mix of reality and game development and high technology where graphics are implemented with real engine game engine. The most important objective of Metaverse is to bring together the latest services including main stores, banks, online cinema, social networks, distribution services, training, entertainment, competitions, communication, business etc. all high tech services and technology defining units under one scope. To do wrong or to include.
If we talk about its advantages and its infrastructure, then if a user wants to buy a plot of land in an area for construction, then he connects to Metaspace.game and selects an area according to his own interest and there Will teleport your avatar. This event prompts users to explore the area, make inquiries about the sale of land, and negotiate purchases and agreements. If we take an example, suppose a user wants to buy an apartment in a building in Singapore. Through Metaspace.game he can select a location of his choice and if the building is participating in the ‘Metaspace Digital Copy’ program and a digital copy of it is stored in the database, the user can view the interior of that building or apartment exactly. Can see, can explore.
It is almost the same process to buy the product that if a user wants to buy sneakers, they can go to metaspace.game and after visiting the appropriate store, they will be advised and assisted by a great virtual avatar consultant And can go to the appropriate store. The user will be assisted by an avatar advisor in the virtual store and the available products will be shown through animations following which the sneakers will be delivered to the user if the user returns to the store after selecting the product and making the payment.
Typically as part of the platform, SQCM will also provide virtual assets where a user who has bought a virtual plot of land can build another house and those interested in buying this house in the future can resubmit another avatar. . In addition to the new addition to the avatars, the avatars need housing to get new opportunities. Apart from renting commercial properties, participants will also have the opportunity to rent shops, ready-made businesses, robots, equipment and transport services, which is a great convenience.
Along with the various services, the team will also be adding gameplay to the platform. Some may simply use the Metaverse as a hub for various services, but others may be looking for an adrenaline rush – in that case, welcome to gameplay where avatars of users with the necessary skills and equipment are needed. Such as transport, robots, exoskeletons can be bought or even rented and can be used to explore other places, even though it can be risky because the avatar can die during the campaign or all the achievements that are What they have organized will end and they will have to start all their work afresh.
However, users will have the opportunity to find very interesting and expensive quests during the campaign and return as a hero, and later increase their level and territory as they wish, and enjoy exciting contracts and sending avatars on one platform. They will also have the option of saving first and the number of savings will be limited.
Avatars are 3D models of men and women who will be able to choose their avatar’s identity and gender, and the avatars will have special attributes such as intelligence, health, and strength. For example, when there is a possibility of death, when bad health and a bad system come in front of us, then that avatar cannot be given on a mission, so it is necessary for the participants and users to keep updating their avatar continuously and Keep giving your avatar powers and system-rich performance in a unique way. We know that the main asset in all of these things is the avatar, so the more they evolve, the more you can benefit and empower yourself for streaming and adventures. The avatar with the highest intelligence and the best can get a fair deal and gets everything that is in the inventory. For example, an avatar with an IQ of 70 will be able to lock tokens at 15%, and an avatar with an IQ of 100 at 23%. The Avatar who has received all his training and develops the concept of a new islandHe will be able to develop and after completing the work the avatar will receive a fixed payment in the form of tokens.
Each avatar has unique DNA. Before being sent to Mars, all avatars are injected with a synthetic genome to exist in artificial gravity. This genome affects different DNA in different ways. Some avatars display telepathic abilities; Some become very powerful, and others are incredibly agile.
The desktop version of the platform is under completion for the first phase of development to ensure full functionality and gaming play and the second phase will be done to enable mobile devices which are at its stage of development. Due to technical problems with the mobile, the version of the platform will have limited game play capabilities, meaning that most of the inventory and all functions will not be available or available. However, users can manage investments and terminate contracts and use certain services through transactions that will not be interrupted on the hardware of the device through the mobile version.
A token will be issued to maintain the internal economy in the Metaverse and the white paper of the project is being released and a detailed description of it is being provided to you where the token is planned to be implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. The team will engage in projects to keep their internal economic system gentle and developed and Metaspace.game participants will manage their investments using their accounts and sign contracts and start trading. The construction work is going on fast.
Overall this service suggests that gamers who want to enhance their gaming play can join this project and enhance their experience with the help of futuristic technology. You can go into a real virtual reality and simulation world by using most of the methods and get the best position and it depends on your skill and your gaming quality how much you can dedicate yourself to it.


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