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Win meta land second contest is going to end!

Win meta land second contest is going to end!

Not just due to the contribution of 5G or the Web3.0 effort in the internet sector, but also due to the engagement of Metaverse or Virtual reality in the Tech era, smartphones will be replaced in the near future. Numerous successful businesspeople already assert that virtual reality will succeed social networking as the next big thing. People will connect through a huge network or communities, through the Metaverse inside various virtual cities.

In the past several months, numerous significant brands and businesses have been paying close attention to metaverse projects. Nokia has claimed that smartphones will mostly replace Metaverse, while Flipkart recently revealed its Flipverse. However, there are certain platforms in the market that are focused on improving Metaverse activity and its reach to a huge network, one of them is GDCC.

GDCC is a Blockchain system or cutting-edge protocol that allows users to create their Decentralized Apps and acts as a center for digital assets, international payments, and apps. It is designed to support web3.0 services and community-driven technologies. But GDCC is also working on its Metaverse program, called Global Digital City with a token called Bliss token, which is a GDCC-20 utility token.

Bliss token is an essential part of Global Digital city or it acts as a transaction entity in GDC, through which Players spend BLISS to play games, buy equipment, or customize their Avatar character–and can potentially collect BLISS Token through gameplay. Creators spend Bliss to acquire ASSETS, LANDS, and through Staking.

But recently, GDCC started a Win Meta Land contest under which people can join the contest and get a chance to win free Metaverse land and many bliss tokens. The actual contest giveaway is, that the contest will be held in 3 rounds, under which 75 winners will get Free Virtual land worth $1500 and about 1000 winners will get 50 bliss tokens each.

And the first round of the contest was already ended, where 25 winners for meta land and 330 winners for bliss tokens were chosen, and now the second contest is on the hype, where more than 5000 contestants have already participated. But the second round of Win Meta land is near its end. It will end on the 15th of November, i.e; there are 7 days left in the second round of the contest.

Participants can even boost their chances to be chosen, by completing the 12 bonus entries. After completing the 12 entries, the person gains plus 17 points, which makes him stand out from the crowd.

The GDCC and Bliss token has more Events and contests in their queue, people are eagerly waiting for more events to enroll in them.

You can visit their official site:- https://www.gdccoin.biz/
With the Win meta land contest site:- https://winmetaland.com/



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