The acquisition of Sony Beyond Sports, the entertainment and electronics giant, which is fully capable and valuable in creating 3D animations and presenting the real world through technology, and the company can use this technology to show its services in a better and more technical way. With this purchase the company has complete power to showcase sports matches with modern vi support and the company is now well equipped to deliver sports matches with complete technology and portfolio and with a new experience. When we are talking about this, Sony is now venturing into digital sports instead of plain sports which is its new achievement. Sony is reportedly trying its hand at the sports metaverse world with the recently closed acquisition of Beyond Sports, a 3D imaging and animation company that has real-time information from sports matches. Metaverse technology has the potential to change. While the Nikkei statement did not release numbers for the acquisition, it is believed to be a deal worth more than $70 million.
The purchase combined Hawk Eye Innovations technology with a proprietary company and another company with the ability to produce real-time basketball, baseball, tennis and football match-related content. Hawk-Eye Innovations, which was acquired back in 2011, produces a technology that allows train status to be shown at any given time and is widely used in organizations such as the National Football League and the National Hockey League. The form is given and the technique is highly praised.
The combination of the two would allow the Sony company to create a digital and accurate representation of a field or court with realistic bands and movement of players.
Another Sony acquired company could handle distribution to bring all of these experiences to audiences. where PulseLive, a company that operates a variety of sites for sports teams and organizations and incorporates Metaverse experiences into them, would create a new line of revenue and further popularize this new format of sport. would be capable of.
Sony may also be able to offer Metaverse matches using the PlayStation line of consoles as a distribution device, where a virtual reality handset is being developed called PlayStation VR 2 and is also slated for release in February 2023. Is provisioned and fully capable of being used to enjoy these experiences.
Sony has already dabbled with the Metaverse and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technologies, and is filing a set of patents for using NFTs to track the history and ownership of incoming assets where Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida once said that Sony is the first company revolving around entertainment which has a purpose that entertainment is our first precise mission and for this purpose it is imperative to use all the tools which are coming in digital technology. are and are being adopted under it.
If we talk about Sony, then it knows that the entertainment industry is growing a lot and that too not from now for a long time. And if this growth continues like this then it will definitely benefit the users and the company, that’s why Sony is adopting the latest technologies to make its platform and its services fast and reliable and it is possible to build a fast network. Wherein the company can perform the task as per their wish and can update itself based on the trending and technology which is running in the latest era and that’s why this company has been established and its current aim is to get all those equipment. Which will make the technologies even more energetic and fast in future and entertainment will be distributed 2 times, 3 times and many more. This step taken by Sony and its ability to adopt technology will really take it to the top in the entertainment industry and will make it more solid and strong to compete with the competitors where the company will offer more good services in the entertainment industry.


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